PWCI’s consultants have been certified as Automotive Functional Safety Professional (AFSP)

[2015/04/17, Taipei, Taiwan] — Process Works Consulting Inc.

Two of PWCI’s senior consultants Andy Liu and Chen Wang have been certified as Automotive Functional Safety Professional (AFSP). The certification demonstrates PWCI’s commitment and ability to provide ISO 26262 related services to customers in automobile electronics industry.

The progress of automobile electronics has made safety features such as active protection systems more and more popular. But it also makes people and surrounding environment more vulnerable for hazards when those systems fail. Therefore, the identification and reduction of potential hazards are main focus of automotive functional safety standard.

ISO 26262 standard takes a product life cycle viewpoint to systematically identify, analyze, design, integrate, verify and validate functional safety related features. This systematic approach establishes an integrated communication platform between different teams in product development and with suppliers, so that the product’s safety features can be implemented efficiently.

PWCI’s client base covers software development, IT integration, to electronics and electrical product development. Among them there is a trend of increasing clients from automobile electronic industry. To keep providing high value services to our clients, our 2 senior consultants attended SGS-TÜV ISO 26262 Training and are certified as AFSP.

In PWCI, we use CMMI as a framework to help clients improve their processes. This approach plays a critical role in the success of ISO26262 implementation. ISO 26262 focuses on functional safety features through related life cycle activities while CMMI provides a comprehensive framework for product development, acquisition and services. With the support of CMMI, ISO 26262 can be efficiently implemented and provide more value. We recommend using CMMI as a foundation to multiply the value of ISO 26262.

To provide more value to our clients, we have signed a memorandum with SGS Taiwan to collaborate on consulting, appraisal, and training of ISO 26262 and CMMI, so that our clients can benefit from talents and experiences form both PWCI and SGS Taiwan.

For more information about the CMMI, visit
For more information about the AFSP, visit SGS TÜV SAAR

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